• Support to DOE since 1988 at ORNL, Y-12, INEEL, Hanford, Rocky Flats, & Yucca Mtn; reactor and defense program facility restart evaluations; reactor outage management; safety reviews; design, quality, facility maintenance and testing, and management programs including automation; root cause and accident analyses; NRC licensing.

• For utilities, support to NRC watch list plant recoveries; utility business plan development; development, automation, and implementation of quality, design engineering, maintenance, and training programs; root cause/accident analyses; safety analysis, regulatory affairs

• For NRC, >150 audit, inspection and licensing reviews

• Comprehensive technical support to DOE at Yucca Mtn since 1998. • Safety analysis of the repository during operation and after closure. 

• Unique expertise in geology, hydrology, geochemistry, geophysics, seismic and
  volcanic hazards, coupled thermal-hydrologic-chemical-mechanical processes,
  materials science and corrosion, geotechnical engineering, risk assessment.

• Design engineering, quality assurance, nuclear licensing, information
  technology, and regulatory affairs support.

• NRSS companies have over 10 years experience managing comprehensive
  environmental compliance and restoration programs for DOE, NASA, the US
  Navy, national laboratories and other clients. 

• Hazardous waste management; operation of TSD facilities, environmental
  management systems.