David Sala - Managing Partner
Mr. Sala has over 25 years of experience in management and team leadership involving program management, project controls, and long-range strategic planning. His experience includes providing support to all levels of DOE, DoD, NASA, and private sector programs.  He has extensive experience in directing the development and integration of project schedules including resource loading and leveling, cost estimating, budget analysis, variance reporting and at-completion forecasting. Programs that he has supported include environmental management and restoration, complex-wide nuclear material disposition, technology development, advanced weapons systems, nuclear energy, and advanced space flight. He is specialized in program-wide system implementation for cost-effective management and control for successful project realization.

David Dobson, phD - Managing Partner
Dr. Dobson is a geoscientist, program manager, and regulatory compliance specialist with broad expertise in the fields of energy and natural resource development, nuclear waste management, environmental and engineering geology, geochemistry and hydrogeology. He has over 25 years of experience performing and managing commercial and government projects related to environmental restoration, mining and mine reclamation, nuclear waste disposal, and geologic and geotechnical risk and hazard evaluation. His expertise includes strategic planning, site characterization, regulatory analysis, quality assurance, licensing of high level nuclear waste disposal facilities, community outreach and communication, environmental restoration and compliance, and solid and hazardous waste management.

Don Beckman - Managing Partner
Mr. Beckman has 36 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Previously, Mr. Beckman worked for the USNRC for ten years as a resident inspector at nuclear power plants. Currently, he is the Program Manager for the two Yucca Mountain Project contracts. Mr. Beckman possesses a BS in Marine Engineering and served onboard the NS Savannah, the nation’s only nuclear-powered commercial vessel (an ASME Engineering Landmark). Other technical expertise includes: Failure/Root Cause Analysis (MORT-Certified Root Cause Evaluator), Nuclear Engineering Assessment and Evaluation, Nuclear Facility Inspection and Audit, Nuclear Criticality and Safety, Nuclear-Related Training Development/Implementation, USNRC Nuclear Power Operations Policy and Regulations, DOE Conduct of Operations and Litigation Support.